“Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality.” —Alexander McQueen

“Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality.” —Alexander McQueen

“Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality.”

—Alexander McQueen

This flattering dress by Alexander McQueen himself shows everything a woman should be flattered by in this lovely gown.

         ~A classic heart cut top flatters Ms. Gisele Bundchen. As every woman should. The heart cut top, will show off that cleavage you’ve been working on for YEARS! It’s your time to make those guys who didn’t want to date you wish they did!

             ~And with the corset like affect in the abdomen area shows off her figure. Even if you feel as if you don’t have a figure, wearing a gown such as this will show off what your mamma gave you! Everyone wants to show off a little something extra (especially if you’re going to a high school reunion!) Who doesn’t like showing off? I know I love to sometimes. Though when you want to show off something a bit extra, don’t go flashy, but classy.

             ~Now, down to the flared out bottom, it’s just beautiful! Who wouldn’t want something that gives height to yourself? Or even make it look like you slimmed up a bit?

~Here’s A Few Ways to Know how to Flatter your Body, in and out of dresses

       1.) Your Type: Apple shape

The Strategy: Create contrast by using angular lines to counteract the roundness and softness

Look for:

         • Wrap tops, which will give the illusion of a smaller waist

          • Seaming on blouses and anything with a corset-style structure

          • Pleating and gathering under the bust that draws the eye vertically down the tummy

         • Straight-leg―rather than skinny―bottoms build a sense of proportion with your upper half

         • Higher-waisted pants and pants with a bit of stretch; these have a girdle-like effect and hold your stomach in


         • Extreme A-lines, or anything too blousy that lacks shape

         • Busy details like pocketing on your top half, patterns that don’t match your overall size (larger frames can carry off bigger prints, and vice versa)

Your Secret Weapon: Wear a stretchy tank top underneath your garments to create a smooth, seamless base

    2.) Your Type: Pear shape (smaller on top, heavier on the bottom)

The Strategy: Achieve balance by adding a bit of volume to your upper body and minimizing your lower half

Look for:

     • Darker colored pants that have a stiffer fabric or some stretch, which will have a slenderizing effect. (A leg that falls straight down from the widest part of you is best.)

     • Seams that run down the front of the leg, which create a leaner leg by “bisecting” it

     • Low-slung tunic tops (wear the belt below your natural waistline) and ¾-length jackets and tops that stop around the knee or mid-thigh


      • Any  fading or whiskering on your denim, which will only highlight trouble areas

       • Too-tight tops, which will accentuate the difference between your upper and lower halves

        • Attention-grabbing pocket details on the hips and thighs

Your Secret Weapon: Have the pocket fabric removed from the inside of your pants, which will minimize bulk.

     3.) Your Type: Hourglass shape (curvy around the bust and hips, with a smaller waistline)

The Strategy: It’s all about exaggerating your silhouette, not fighting it

Look for:

        • Simple, solid shapes that will highlight your waist.

         • Thick belts, pencil skirts, a little volume around the shoulder to make the waist appear even smaller

          • Wrap tops, scooped and boat neck necklines. Pants should be boot cut or flares that fill well in the thigh.

Avoid: Ruffles, frills, lapels, busy patterns; any straight, boxy shapes

Your Secret Weapon: A fitted vest that flares out at the waist

     4.) Your Type: Athletic/boy shape (straight up and down)

The Strategy: Use clothing to create curves where they don’t exist naturally

Look for:

     • Details at the bust such as ruffles, wraps and rouching―these add fullness up top

     • Sleeveless tops and halters; they show off toned arms

     • High-waisted skirts; they should begin at the smallest part of your waist, just underneath the bust

     • Bootcut pants and jeans, with a lower rise for maximum curviness

Avoid: Menswear-inspired styles, straight cuts, “boyfriend” jeans

Your Secret Weapon: A ruffled blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt

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